Need to paint your kitchen? Check out these home decoration tips about paint colors!

Colors that Decrease Appetite


This color doesn’t make the food appear delicious. No wonder classy restaurants don’t paint their interior using gray paint!



This is the color that won’t stimulate hunger. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, or encouraging someone to lose some fats, this is the best color to surround them with!


As another dark color, brown doesn’t make people hungry. It suppresses appetite by making you think about burnt food. And who would want to eat overdone food anyway?


Violet or purple doesn’t increase appetite either. It reminds people about some of the food they don’t enjoy eating, like red onions, eggplant, and purple cabbage.



Although blue is a calm color, it decreases appetite by making you feel relaxed while eating. It makes you want to sleep rather than eat. So, if you want to calm yourself down because you’re always thinking about eating in the kitchen, use the paint color blue.

Colors that Increase Appetite


Green is the color of nature. Painting your kitchen walls or decorating your kitchen with green stuff can encourage healthy eating. After all, the color reminds people of salads and green veggies. If you want to eat more healthy food, this should be the color of your kitchen.


Yellow makes people eat quickly. It’s a cheerful color commonly used by fast food restaurants to stimulate appetite and encourage you to eat fast while being in the happiest state you can be.


Orange also increases mental activity and stirs up your hunger sensation. It’s also associated with a lot of healthy food like oranges, carrots, squash, and pumpkins. It can make the food lover feel comfortable while eating.



Finally, red is proven to be the color that stimulates hunger the most. It’s chosen by restaurants who want you to order a lot of food and eat more. So, if you color your kitchen walls with red, prepare to satisfy your tummy all the time!