For this article, you’ll need to be a handyman (that’s if you aren’t one yet) because you’ll be inspired to do small to medium tasks around the house for your own comfort. We know that eating isn’t just for the dining table nowadays. But to say that you can’t enjoy your food when you’re not in the dining area is an entirely negative statement.

So, how can you turn some parts of your house into something that’s food-friendly?

#1: Build your very own multifunctional coffee table

coffee-tableLet’s be completely honest.

Coffee tables are way too low for comfortable eating in the living room. What you need to do is gather wood, get your wood planer, hammer, and nails, and start building your DIY coffee table. A coffee table that can be upgraded to a “laptop desk” won’t just be limited to your laptop. It would also cater to a plate filled with your favorite cake. You can sit and eat at ease without having to make your back suffer the consequences of your tummy being needy.

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#2: Build your own headboard

bed_pillows_bedroom_headboard_furniture_contemporary_luxury_interior-864963.jpg!dBreakfast in bed? No problem! Just make sure you have a headboard to support your back while you eat comfortably in your bed. Of course, you’ll need a portable table for this to happen too. But that’s easy to acquire. For headboard inspiration, head on to colours and unleash the creative handyman in you.

#3: Build a picnic table

Want to dine outside under the moonlight? Then make your own picnic table. Of course, you’ll need boards, saws, a hammer, and a few nails for this project too. A picnic table is an excellent tool for outdoor parties as well.

#4: Build your rolling table

rolling table

Lastly, if you want to bring food anywhere you go (basement, garage, etc.) and not just when you’re in the living room, bedroom, or outside your home, then you better build yourself a rolling table. This one may be a bit difficult to build, but if you love food, you’ll appreciate this project. I suggest you design it in a way that the wheels can be kept so you don’t have to deal with it moving while you eat. A rolling table that can be stationary is an excellent eating companion. With all these projects, you no longer have to limit yourself to just eating in the dining area!

Final Words

Okay. If these projects sound a little challenging (or very demanding) to you, don’t worry; Healthy Handyman got you covered. Just visit their site, and you’ll find every single power tool you’ll need for these seemingly unattainable projects. If you’ve never done any DIY or home improvement project before, then perhaps this is the right time to start being a handyman and DIY lover. After all, all these are for good food.

Enjoy building!