Food Finds from 5 Cities around the World

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam food market
Take a walk around Amsterdam and chances are you will come across cafes and restaurants that offer scrumptious selections of food. But beyond these usual dining options are other places where you can find great food like the Albert Cuypmarkt, Marqt farmer’s market, Noordermarkt, and Ten Katemarkt among others. And then there are the butcher shops where you can find some of the best-tasting meats you need to try when in Amsterdam like the grilled sausages (grillworst) and smoked beef sausage (ossenworst).

Cairo, Egypt
Egypt is one place teeming with things to explore. And its food scene is no exception. But apart from the delicious meals to savor and enjoy, Egypt has one more culinary offering that you absolutely need to try — dessert. Cairo is a good place to start for anyone with a sweet tooth. Some of the best-tasting desserts to try include baklava, fakhfakhina, halva, kunafeh, and sweet semolina cakes among many others not to mention the delicious treats in some of the most famous cafes and food shops in the city.

Hong Kong, China
Food is a big part of any Hong Kong travel experience. Great food is widely available around the city. From gourmet restaurants to the food stalls in Hong Kong’s famous markets, you will find a wide array of delicious treats. Some of the must-try foods you need to try include dim sum, roasted meat (goose, pork, or chicken), braised gai-lan or eggplant, and the egg tarts among others.

Istanbul, Turkey
A city that sits between two continents, Istanbul is a fascinating place to explore. And its food scene is no less interesting. A food tour is simply a must when visiting the city. Among the food experiences not to be missed are the baklava, meze, künefe (traditional Arab cheese pastry), Turkish breakfast, Turkish style omelet (menemen), Turkish coffee, and more.

Lima, Peru
ceviche in Lima
Eating in Lima, the capital city of Peru, can be a delightful experience if you take the time to explore the local food scene. There are plenty of places where you can enjoy one of the country’s most famous dishes — ceviche, a dish made with fresh fish, lime juice, peppers, and salt to taste. Other must-try foods include the causa, empanada, and pollo a la brasa (roasted chicken) among others.